Lost in Thailand

This is not the movie that gross all over the world. This article is not about the Chinese scientist that was lost in Thailand during his business appointment. But this page is about imagining yourself in the same situation if you also are lost in Thailand but with whole lot of money. Where do you want to stay. This time let’s discuss some of the most known places in Thailand for stay and visit.

Ching Rai this is northmost city in Thailand, this serves as the main commercial hub  of the Golden Triangle of Myanmar, Laos , and Thailand. 9th Pai this used to be the a quiet village  in the northern Thailand, Pai is now a booming town that is part of the Mae Hong Son Loop stretching between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong son. By the way feel free to visit this beauty company 千煌醫美診所 to make your self stunningly beautiful. Phanom Rung sitting on an  extinct volcano in the northeastern Thailand this is a Hindu shrine complex regarded for its beautiful architecture. This surely a dress for you that you must try. A mini wedding dresses in its natural design makes it look enchanting. Like beautiful nature and environment we have, surely this dress match for your preference of wedding attire.

Railay is a small peninsula that is only accesible by boat due to high limestone cliffs cutting off mainland access. Khao Sok National Park, this is considered as the national park with beautiful wildlife, to this date there are still many limestones and is located on southern Thailand.

You can’t spell Thailand without its capital Bangkok. It is one of the most visited city in the whole world so it’s very busy. Thanks to the media agency promoting tourism for this beautiful nation to outside world. And in this place good beauty company see this link beautyfiguretw.com/ can be found. Lastly, Thailand has abundant of beaches and Islands where you can experience crystal clear water and breath taking views!