Places to Visit

Pattaya City has more or less thousands of bars,clubs, disco and night life activity. Streets are still active even at night time. You’ll find many vendors at evening till early morning actively selling. There’s much to say about it but you’re here after for the entertainment section. Follow below the places to visit.

Bamboo Bar is located at the south of Pattaya and is located at the entry of Walking Street. This is a first class entertainment bar with live and good music. They play live music everyday. Blues Factor, if you are up to blues music this place is good for you they have a great female Filipina who rocks with guitarist Lam Morrison. Can’t spell sweetness in Pattaya without Candy Shop. Candy Shop bar is in the heart of Walking Street. If you are in the West hemisphere and looking for home. They have the best American Bands playing at night time.

There is also this Casino Club. Well, technically this is not a casino like that in vegas but it’s as busy within its schedule. The party starts here after 3 am where you’ll be locked up till the light of the dawn break the darkness. How about Differ,Europa Dance Club, Good Fellas and Hammer. These place rocks even at night time to give the best night life of your life.

Pattaya has much to offer here are some more place you’d like to visit if your up to a wild night of your life.

Lima-Lima, Maximum, Mixx, Secrets, Star Dice,Teazers, Pook 6 up, Tony’s, Beach Club and many more.

If you wish to go to Pattaya for your night experience. Just go to Thailand and ask for the Walking Street and you’ll find the best of the town!