Thailand, A southeast nation country- How powerful

Well at roughly 200,000 square miles, Thailand is the second largest country in Indochinese Peninsula.  In fact it were a state in US, it would be the third largest , bigger than california but smaller than texas. However, the country’s population is roughly equal to both those states’ populations combined, with  about 68 million people. More than 90% are ethnically Thai, speak Thai and are buddhist, the country’s official religion.

In particular, Thailand is closely connected to Theravada Buddhism, which  values charity and eshwes materialsm, and is widely practiced among the Southeast Asian countries.

Thailand is relatively strong and is considered a “middle power” with a GDP of $400 Billion dollars it ranks 27th worldwide and is second in the Southeast

In the 1980s the United States was devalued by the way of Plaza accord and since Thailand’s currency is Baht was largely backed by US currency, the baht was devalued.

There military strength is regarded as a high power. In military and its fire power. This time many Thai believe that Thailand can become a dictatorship in years to come due to their new king. However, this country has a wide spread of HIV due to low usage of contraceptive and they are highly into imorrality. It is recorded that around 500,000 people have HIV in Thailand.

This place is also powerful in terms of tourism, BKK, beaches and Nightlife is very high in this place compared to other South East Asian region.